Movie Monsters

by samhears

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Samhears second official (sounding) album. Let obsession and depravity guide you through a gallery of ancient fiends and haunted dreams. Most of you will run in fear, but some may come to understand that maybe we aren't so dissimilar to the likes of those hideous Movie Monsters.


released October 13, 2017

Samuel Michael Christopher Luke


all rights reserved



samhears San Diego, California

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Track Name: The Ritual
We are forever asleep and nightmaring
Betrayed by existence
Our urges allow us purpose
We wish only a moment of your good time to spread the word
Won’t you let us in

Oh my my who left such a pretty young thing behind
We could make use of you
Your eyes
Your ears
Your nose
Your fingers
Your toes
And especially your fear

Rise and Raze
The end has come for the dark hath won
The promise of the Ritual commence

Join us or sate us
Track Name: Cold Affair
Rely on the spectral device to get you home tonight safe and airtight
And don’t trust the spies to get you through the gates to the otherside

It’s gonna be one of those nights

Holed up in a cave under the shore not sure when I’ll be coming home
The walls break down the spies pour in we all fall down ashes in the ground

And don’t deny this old spy the chance to hold you tight through this firefight
We’ll let the world divide and drink our cyanide we’ll feel alright

It’s gonna be one of those...
Track Name: Movie Monsters
As I lay for sleep I feel them closer to me I will try not to scream and I dare not dream

But a well-oiled machine it doesn’t know what it means when you ask it what it wants it says the same damn thing

It wants to stay clean well it wants what it wants

So where have you been? And wipe the blood from your chin when you leave for him just come back again

I won’t let you in no I won’t and I won’t

For the last verse I swear not to curse but to whisper his name well it all sounds the same
Track Name: Fabric
I've been so long without it that I tend to doubt it

In it's abscence a fog coalesces to form a contraption bearing distinction
To you

So I manage to manifest a substitute wearing a dress like you
The fabric

It’s not the same no it’s not the same

I guess I'll try again and again and again...

A little piece of me I’ll plant it like a tree I’ll water it daily it'll grow to resemble you with parts like me and the bark of a tree we'll finally be happy

So you see what happens when depravity grows ruinous chasms
The fabric
Track Name: My Damned Cells In Distress
Your gray skin it sluffs off
I’ll do my best to clean the wound with a damp cloth
Keep your mouth away from my working hands
Keep your remaining teeth at a distance

And if the worst should happen
Remove all parts above the scene of the intrusion
Stanch and carterize to prevent infection
With remaining hand I may treat my beloved damned

I can tell you’ve turned when your blood turns to curds
And I'll put you down as soon as you say the word

I’ll try my best to preform CPR
your chest caves in to reveal your rotten heart
Keep your steamin’ guts inside of the abdomen
Keep your blood upchuck away from other men

And if the worst should happen
Seek a blood cure and begin the transfusion
Blanch and sterilize to cull the corruption
With remaining glands I may treat my beloved damed

I’ve no choice but to burn
We’ll consider this lesson learned
So I’ll melt you down as soon as you choose an urn

Whatever of you is left in those damned cells
Then blink once or twice and I’ll join you in hell
When the body dissagrees the mind tends to flee
So let’s set a lark trapse through the dark
Track Name: Spirit Realm
Here in the Spirit Realm you can do whatever it is you please
And it won’t matter at all won’t make a difference to me

If you eat our food you’ll become one of us
If you dance by our fire you’ll become one with us
And it won’t matter at all
It won’t make a difference to me

Cause jere in the Spirit World you can have whomever it is you please
And it won’t matter at all won’t make a difference you’ll see

If you consume our fluids you’ll become one of us
If you eat of our flesh you’ll become one with us
And it won’t matter at all
It won’t make a difference to me

First we gotta make you fit
Fold you down oh bit by bit
It’ll only hurt for a minute
If you squirm you’ll regret it

Cause here in the Spirit Realm you can never return to where the living dwell
You can only peer up as if through a manhole
But you can never truly return home
Track Name: Ocean Eyes
Somewhere at the bottom of the sea she lies waiting there for me
I swim until I start to sink and I’ll sink until I’m hers to drink

She knows I’m coming by freight or plank
She knows I’m trying to breathe her waters in

Somewhere at the bottom of the sea her eyes staring up at me
I peer right over the pier her pitch stare swallows me oh dear

She knows I’m coming by freight or plank
She knows I’m trying to drink her in

Ocean Eyes don’t lie
Ocean Eyes don’t blink
They say I’ve had to much sea water
But I’m just trying to breath

Somewhere at the bottom of the sea she lies
Waiting there for me
Track Name: Smoky Mansion
I Live in a Smoky Mansion
In all things this I try to convey
I’ve lived here since I was a boy
Smoky Mansion my only toy

The surrounding trees my only friends
And the smoky mountains my parents

I stick to my stone laid routine
I upkeep most diligently
Polish every banister and beam
Sort all tomes in the library
Water and trim all topiary
Smoky Mansion lives inside me

If I had some time for myself
I’d repaint the walls and bookshelves
I’d invite you to come and see
But I fear you’d naught want to leave

Any other man would go insane
For the work and the pay they are the same
Track Name: Earwig
There are scars on your arms
On your arms
On your arms
On your arms

Up and down both your arms
Ladder rungs
Latter rungs
Ladder rungs

If I could climb to the top
Neck like a tree trunk
Neck like a tree trunk
Neck like a tree trunk

While I'm here I'll crawl into your ear hear your thoughts and memories then slither my way out and down to the mamories

I'll slide right between I’ll find a foot hold I could die right here with this evil sneer but I want more more more

I press my ear against your bone I hear your heart stop and go
Pitter patter
Pit pat

Bum bum bum bum bum

I'd love to stay but I'm losing hold honestly my limbs just ache and I'm getting old

We both know how this all works you will remain with my curse

Throw back an antidote your heartbeat won’t miss a note
And it won’t miss me
Track Name: Fantasma Húmedo
I was wandering through the forest of wandering

You were wondering where I had wandered from

You found my insight delightful your delight I found insightful

But we have delinquated from where we belong

We'd better go back from where we came

We'd better just turn our seperate ways

You've been such a lovely host

But a ghost will always be a ghost

I was beckoning in the halls of beckoning

You reckon my beckon it turns you on

What was once for our survival has turned us bitter rivals

I'd feel safer if one of us were to go home

It seems I've lost my goddamn way

Do you even recall from whence you came

You've been such a loyal ghost

But this body's already got a host

No no no...
Track Name: Same 'ol Clown
Don’t you dare leave me here leave me here to hang
I’ve only got a couple laughs before I’m completely drained

Once you loved this face but it’s melting off in the rain
Soon a new one will grow in its place and your love for me won’t be in vain

I’ve been stricken with a disease that leaves me feeling no pain
If you’d like you can spread it with me it’ll keep you in on the sane
Don’t falter do not sway stand your uneven ground
If you try to hard to supress your laugh your belly might give out

Once you lusted for me but it’s cooled off with my fame
Soon they’re gonna string me up for letting you in on the sane

I know you’re considering letting out a frown
You may feel a bit out of place could you survive being part fo the crowd?

I know you’re considering cutting me down
You may feel as though I’ve changed a great deal

But I’m still the Same ‘ol Clown you’re gonna want to keep me around

I’m still the Same ‘ol Clown everybody needs one around

I’m still the Same goddamn clown I can turn that frown upside down
Track Name: The Blob
In the fog there will be born a Blob born of a poor man’s thoughts ready to quell the mobs
And In shapes the shapes that time creates we’ve seen man delay it’s inevitable fate

Oh you’re a mess you need looking after
Oh don’t digress your shirts on backwards

And in the dark there will be formed a rock formed without a thought ready to roll and stop
And in the shapes the shapes formed in its wake man proliferates sings a song escape

Who made this mess I’m cleaning up after
You’d make a great natural disaster

I fear the day the two will meet the rock and the blob they do compete
I fear the day the two will blend the dark and the fog the very end

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