Lunch Break

from by samhears



You of course will never do not in your current form
Find a phone booth that's out of view and change your uniform
But wait look there through the crack between the elevator door
It's a stair after stair and now we know the change will always be

Not enough

Oh it must be lunch time again
Everyone stop what you were doing
Find the nearest needle and thread
Remain still your snack will be sewn to you
Try and recall the last time you thought you saw a real bear
Can you believe they lunch break for an entire winter and it's still

Not enough

Let's make like bees away from dropping eaves
May our eyes shine like thieves slide out of those work greaves

I can't wait on an empty stomach
Can no longer stand on tired feet
My back is sore my heart empty
My eyes are ready to see
Yet I must profess I got the call to come back in to work again and my suit freshly pressed
I'm ready for our time together to be

Not enough

Not enough

Never enough

Not enough


from It Says Its Dead, released January 29, 2017
Samuel Michael Christopher Luke (samhears)



all rights reserved


samhears San Diego, California

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