It Says Its Dead

by samhears

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An Ode to all things living, post-living, pre-living.


released January 29, 2017

Samuel Michael Christopher Luke


all rights reserved



samhears San Diego, California

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Track Name: What Do You Want From Me
What do you want from me? I fucked up again
I slept in and it ruined all our plans

I forgot the briefcase it had all of our bus tickets
I forgot to put on shoes now my socks are all stained

But none of that matters as long as we always say
Everything will be okay we've had our lesson from the day
Track Name: It Says Its Dead
Oh a miss-step the dread protect the head
As I bleed a broken mess I must agree it says it's dead

It's a trip a stumble and fall slipped off the wall cracked to bits
As I bleed a crown of rust I do decree it says it's dead

Bound from birth a trip back to mother earth
I was caught rolling rocks into the sea where they belong

Is this the final dream? It would seem the thoughts of the dead
As I peer from off the pier it appears the end is near ow

Ground to dirt with the help of me a growth spurt
The rock with the will of man pulped in the sea

Light spreads open the dark I embark only wish to know my part
Am I the wheel or the mouse? Am I the outcome or the thirsty louse?

Found by her the eye at the core of her girth
Is it fair to be punished for moving things along?
Track Name: The Defeatist
I can't help it I know what you want to say
But I must stop you there for I am the defeatist

No one wants to be a let down this I'll tell myself for I am the defeatist

So run far away far away from me
Oh I see you already left
You're gonna be a hard one to defeat

But don't you know who you're dealing with
It's the defeatist he'll do you one better

He can turn to stone or travel back in time
You'll never have seen him or known his name

He'll run far away far away from you
You'll never see his wrinkling face his body decay
because he's undefeated!
Track Name: Clocktower
I was having one of those dream where a stranger was in love with me and the danger was in all those stairs
Well the stranger she wasn't there

She wasn't there

I had another dream where death he had it out for me and the danger was in his empty stairwell
Death he was never there


I know that death is still out there waiting for me
I know that she is still out there a stranger to me
This is why I gotta be so careful going up those stairs

I awoke from my sleep to discover life was just a dream well
The danger is that when I fall under
Is that my tower it will no longer no longer be there
Track Name: Human Form
You lost the eyes on the back of your head
You cannot see the train wreck
And in your peripheral a shroud of flags
Your tunnel vision is all you have

What were you before you gained your human form?
I can't leave you alone and I can't stand being in the same fucking room

If I turn away for a moment
Will you cut me in half?
And tell me this is how one becomes two
If I's agrees does it make true?

I can't watch your mouth move because I'll be involved in your bullshit soup
Whatever it is that bore you wants to maintain the logic loop

I know what I am
I know my words from my actions
Take into account that the human form
Means that you will never be reborn
Track Name: Cutthroats
Animal do you agree?
Animal do you agree?

You lack focus
You lack discipline
You’ll never make it in a world of cutthroats
You will not fit in

Where is the focus?
Where is the mechanical hand?
The cowards long for a brand new song but the pieces won’t fit in

You’re safe for now
Tucked away in this house
It’s not everyday you can say
You escaped your only fate

You got away


You Escaped
Track Name: Foam Castle
Layer by layer my foam castle fuses together
It crackles beneath my toes yes it grows and no one knows

I got knights in foam armor they protect my foam honor
They guard my foam ideals so I can enjoy foam meals

Take one more step towards my foam homestead and I just might loose a volley of my finest foam broad-heads

Packing peanuts line my sarcophagus I shove my wife in with the rest of my stuff
Track Name: Lunch Break
You of course will never do not in your current form
Find a phone booth that's out of view and change your uniform
But wait look there through the crack between the elevator door
It's a stair after stair and now we know the change will always be

Not enough

Oh it must be lunch time again
Everyone stop what you were doing
Find the nearest needle and thread
Remain still your snack will be sewn to you
Try and recall the last time you thought you saw a real bear
Can you believe they lunch break for an entire winter and it's still

Not enough

Let's make like bees away from dropping eaves
May our eyes shine like thieves slide out of those work greaves

I can't wait on an empty stomach
Can no longer stand on tired feet
My back is sore my heart empty
My eyes are ready to see
Yet I must profess I got the call to come back in to work again and my suit freshly pressed
I'm ready for our time together to be

Not enough

Not enough

Never enough

Not enough
Track Name: Kerplunker
I feel a sharp pang I've ruptured my ancestral vein
Gasses flood dormant chambers inducing artificial labor

What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do?

It's weird how the days go by
I'd stay the tide if I were stable
I guess it's just my time
I'd pay the bill If I were able

I guess I lacked the foresight could not afford that birthright
Now I'm ready for the slow and steady my body torn like confetti

What more could I have done?
What more could I have done?

Now I'm done
Oh now I’m done
Track Name: Noisy Neighbors
I've got neighbors on top
That don't know when to stop
I don't have time for this
Have they forgotten how to quit

So I over-produce a song about it until they stop that goddamn racket

I need to go to sleep
But they don't know when's enough
Maybe I'll just read
Or down some black coffee

They won't quit then they cry about it
In the shower they fuck I can show them what noise means

They called the cops on me
Can you believe their insanity
Now they're barking at my front door
They're pulling at my sleeve

But I can't pull away
From the screen
They started this mess
I'll show them what noise means
Track Name: Abandoned Tower
Here I will stand watch for your return for your return
Will you have changed or stayed the same?
I ask these things only to stay sane

Here I remain in the abandoned tower I await your return at your most convenient hour

Now my friend death he grows bored
He pulls the wings from flies and asks if they're still flies
I don't listen to his lies or meet him in the eyes
I know that you'll come back I need no other fact

So have no fear I will remain here come sun or cloud I have no doubt in your return

In your return

The consuming cloud it draws near
It swallows mountains whole
Sucks in the stars and the air
But why should I fear? I know soon you'll be here
I ignore death's sneers his jabs and jeers

And we'll rebuild the abandoned tower it's former glory returns it'll be our finest hour
Track Name: Play Ded
I vow to never recoil or wince
To proud to ever lather and rinse

Don't forget to play dead
To get out of the liar's den

Lie down slow your pulse decompose
Allow the monsters to get in close

Let go of you mind then your soul let it leave you behind
There you go the feint of your life good bye
Catch me next time

If I can’t see you then you can’t hear me
If I can’t hear you then you can’t smell me
If I can’t smell you then you can’t see me
If I can’t see you then you can’t hear me

Now unhinge my jaw swallow you whole
I sit around let it dissolve get back on patrol

Don't forget to play dead
To get out of the liar's den
Track Name: Hurrrricane
A hurricane came and it
It rained rain for days

Someday I'll look after you and

Remember when we were young and we used to play out in the storms forget

When the levys come crashing down all we can do is sink and drown

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